Ambient Food Packaging Market Global Sales Revenue, Price and Gross Margin Forecast To 2023

Market Scenario

Ambient food packaging refers to packaging a food product in pasteurized and sterilized packs to increase its shelf life. Ambient food packing has become a trend in the food packaging industry and ambient food products are preferred by majority of the customers over others. Increasing demand for having more empty space in chill cabinets calls for the adoption of the food packaging methods that can offer a better shelf life to the product even without a refrigerator.

Ambient food packaging bestows longer shelf life to the food product as compared to the usual packaging method, thus, enabling storage of products at room temperature. Additionally, it involves the use of high barrier sheets, which assure aspects such as safety of the food stored inside, consumer convenience, and attractive design, are taken care of. All these supporting factors have led to the increased demand for ambient food packaging among food manufacturers, globally. Manufacturers determine the extrinsic and intrinsic properties of the food products that affect its quality and safety. These include manufacturing process, ingredients used, packaging type and storage conditions. Two major processes for ambient food packaging are sterilization and pasteurization. Increasing competition for chill cabinet space signifies rise in demand of food packaging, which improves shelf life. The use of sustainable packaging products is a trend in the ambient food packaging market, which increases the demand for sustainable packaging materials.

Different food packaging and preservation processes are used to increase product shelf life. Increasing the product’s acidity, decreasing its water content and using air tight envelope can increase the product’s shelf life without changing its texture and taste.

Global ambient food packaging market has been segmented based on packaging type, material type and by region. Based on packaging type the market has been as rigid packaging and flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is the largest packaging type segment in the market as it provides enhanced safety in product transportation and is easy to handle. Based on the material the market is segmented as metal, glass, and plastic. Plastic is an important material of the packaged food supply chain. Plastic ambient food packaging is the effective method for packaging bulky products and perishable food as it offers enhanced safety.

Consumers expect ambient food packaging materials that are environment-friendly and sustainable. Vendors are investing in R&D to develop food packaging materials that can be recycled and have the traditional capabilities of friction, moisture, and heat resistance. A new innovative technology developed by the Western Reserve University Lab, AeroClay technology, helps in turning clay and other ingredients into a versatile material that is sturdy, eco-friendly, and temperature-resistant. It can be used as an insulated packaging material, and can keep products fresh for longer, which is the basic requirement for ambient food products. However, high level of processing required in case of ambient food packaging ultimately adds to the overall cost of packaging product. This poses a potential threat for growth of the global ambient food packaging market.

The global ambient food packaging market is expected to grow at ~ 6% CAGR during the forecast period.

Global Ambient Food Packaging Market

The global ambient food packaging market is expected to witness phenomenal growth during the forecast period. This is due to the considerably growing demand from food packaging Industries. Governments, across regions have set regulations to reduce packaging wastage, which drives the demand for environment friendly packaging materials such as recyclable ambient food packaging. The significant growth in e-Commerce has also augmented the growth of ambient food packaging. North America was the dominant market with a market share of more than 35% in 2016, while, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market in the forecast period. This is attributed to growing demand for packaging of fruits & vegetable, meat, dairy products and others in emerging economies such as India and China.

Key Players

The key players of global ambient food packaging market are FFP Packaging Solutions Ltd. (U.K), RPC Group (U.K), Amcor Limited (Australia), SIG Combiblog Obeikan (Switzerland), Tetra Pak (India), Rexam (U.K), Bemis (U.S.), Mondi (South Africa), Ampac (U.S), Dupont (U.S.), Excelsior Technologies (India) and KM Packaging (UK).

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