Do You Need Residential Electrical Services?

Are you looking for Electrical Contractor in West Palm Beach for Electrical Panel & Solar or Electrical Trouble Shooting? Welcome to AlphaTEC Electric. We are an experienced electric company with great ambitions. We have committed and competent employees who take responsibility for the environment and have the results in focus – always have satisfied customers. AlphaTEC Electric offers you qualitative electrical installations. We exist because we want to create a better environment for our customers. You will always be able to make sure that we arrive on time, pay properly and deliver what we promised – a professional and personal response, implementation and results. Have a little more so that you are really satisfied. It is important to us.

We at AlphaTEC Electric, want to work for a good working environment for employees, customers, suppliers, partners and our outside world. Therefore, we attach great importance to both quality, work environment, health and the environment at large. Our business is conducted responsibly with respect for both the individual and our environment. Our employees, in accordance with our established procedures, are responsible for ensuring that our work is carried out in such a way that we do not risk ill health for us or others. We also pay particular attention to our environment, in both the short and long term.

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