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Tooth Extractions In Austin, TX

Austin, TX/2018: Sometimes a tooth is damaged to an extent which necessitates its extraction through an oral surgery. If you are searching for a dental clinic to get your tooth extracted then visit Enamel Dentistry in Austin, TX. The dentists at the clinic are highly qualified and make sure that the patient’s dental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Devish H Patel and Dr. Hardik Chodavadia aim at providing best services to their patients. The clinic houses state of the art technology to ensure efficient & painless treatment for the patients. They provide individualized dental care at affordable prices.

Tooth Extraction At The Clinic

The dentists thoroughly examine the dental condition of the patient and make every possible effort to avoid tooth extraction. However, if tooth extraction is the only option left then due care is taken while performing an oral surgery to extract the damaged tooth. They use latest & advanced technologies to make the whole process of tooth extraction as painless as possible for the patient. They also provide additional services to replace the extracted tooth through ways such as implants, bridges etc.

Possible Reasons Of Tooth Extraction

• Decay
• Crowded teeth
• Problematic wisdom tooth
• Gum disease etc.

Why Choose Them

• Highly qualified doctors
• Offer a number of amenities such as coffee, warm towels, heated neck pillows, entertainment system etc.
• Affordable prices
• Equipped with latest technologies
• Customized plans as per patients choice
• Emergency care services
• Centrally located

Other Services Offered

• Preventive Dentistry – Treatment for chronic bad breadth & gum disease.
• Restorative Dentistry – From fillings, crowns, bridges, implants to endodontics, the dentists provide a myriad of services.
• Cosmetic Dentistry – It includes teeth whitening and veneers.
• Invisalign
• Sedation
• Dental Sleep Medicine etc.

For more information about the dental clinic, visit 2717 S Lamar Blvd #1086 Austin, TX 78704 or call at (512) 717-5315. You can also log on to