PoE: Can You Progress On Maps Or Endgame Itself?

Are you new to Path of Exile? Are you playing with a sunder berserker lvl 86? If you finished the story and just did maps till now but you keep going back to lvl 6-7 normal maps and it sucks. Are you doing something wrong?

In fact. A lot of things in PoE are “craftable” items which you can use currency on – notably maps such craftable items (and strongboxes, though it’s only worth to craft a select few).

Using an alchemy orb on a white map will make it a rare with several modifiers (don’t do this for maps < tier 9 or so at this stage in the league). These modifiers affect the map, commonly making it harder and sometimes adding more monsters – but it also adds to the three valuable stats on the map – increased quantity, increased rarity and increased packsize which apply to everything within the map.

This is the only way to boost map returns, else maps are designed to dry out if you're not improving them in this way.

For your current low level map pool – make sure you use transmutes and augments and alterations to roll 2 stat maps. You'll see the different map modifiers and learn to roll over (using an alteration orb) the ones you cannot handle (phys reflect for example).

Your maps will also drop a lot more other valuable currency as a result – allowing you to progress further. That's the basic endgame loop. You'll learn more as you go along (how/when to re-roll maps, when to use chisels, shaping, sextants, atlas manipulation etc etc).

Again, given the stage in the league – do not use any cartographer's chisels or alchemy/chaos orbs on your maps. Just use transmutes/alterations/augments.

Basically any map that costs just 1 alchemy orb to buy from someone else, is worth running, cause you'll possibly get more money from the map. Keeping doing as many different atlas maps as possible, getting the "bonus", and you'll get more map drops and eventually selling maps. There's a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.