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Welcome to Jordan Tours (https://www.sherazadetravel.com/)!
Have you ever been in Jordan? Did you see the desert valleys in the south, float on the dead sea or walked between the high rock walls of the unique city ruin of Petra? Would you like to immerse yourself in the bustle of the city Amman or expire the wide range of nightlife events in our capital? Ahlan wa sahlan! We´d like to welcome you warmly to discover our wonderful country with Jordan Tours!

Jordan tours – a nearly unknown treasure
Jordan is an arabic country with a moved history and a lot of exciting secrets.
Go on a tour and find out more about our thousands of years old culture, enjoy the the colorful life in Amman or relax on the Red Sea beach of Aqaba – everything is possible in Jordan.
Since Centuries the Middle East is a popular vacation home for western travelers. Jordan on the other hand is considered as Newcomer Destination. Sherazadetravel.com can offer you extraordinary tours through all Jordan, especially to the most popular places like Petra, the thousands of years old rock city, or Aqaba, the Jordan access to the world sea via the Red Sea.

Jordan´s geography history: a reason for a discovering tour
More than fifty percent of the area consists of desert where less than five percent is covered by vegetation.
Do you like to discover the beautiful quilt land on tour by riding a camel and sleeping in a tent? You want to have a sunbath on the beach of Aqaba and a residence in a comfortable hotel with all imaginable services? Or maybe you like more to learn more about the history of the region, such as the legacy of the old Roman settlement or the life of the Christians in times past? Tell us your demands and we´ll plan a tour that is exactly tailored to your wishes. We find an accommodation you´ll like, we recommend you some traditional or international restaurants, compile trips and tours to attractions your are interested in and organize everything for your travel such as the airport transfer, hotel booking or ordering tickets for sight seeing tours as well as cultural events.

Where can you stay on your Jordan tour? On all interesting places while traveling you can find accommodations from a simple bed and breakfast to a five star luxury hotel with pool and wellness spa. There are tour guides talking your language and very hospitable and helpful people.

Airports in Jordan
“A vision has become a reality, the new Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA)” is written on the website of the most important Airport in Jordan. It was comprehensively renovated and renewed in the last years and is located in the south of Amman. http://www.qaiairport.com/en
You may arrive here by airplanes of the Royal Jordanian Airlines, Emirates Airlines , Turkish Airlines or Aegean Airlines. About twenty Airlines serve the Airport. You can go to the city center of Amman in thirty minutes by Taxi or by a shuttle bus which departs every half hour.

Another Airport connecting Europe with the Red Sea area, is located in Aqaba. The King Hussein International Airport is growing up to a more and more important target for business and holiday travelers. In Marka, near the Amman City, is the 1950 built Marka International Airport. Its capacity reached its limit already in the eighties of the last century. So its no only used for regional and national flights as well as for military purposes.

Hotels in Jordan
You can choose between a big range of hotels in all classes depending on the place of your special desire. We´ll find for every tour the best fitting accommodation. Hereinafter you can find a small selection of the best hotels in Jordan. The Amman Pasha Hotel in the city centre is one of the most popular hotels in the Capital of Jordan. On the dead sea you can find the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea. It´s a very beautiful place to stay in one of the well equipped rooms as well as in a wonderful suite. The best place to start a tour along a unique landscape. The Amman Marriott Hotel which you find in the City of the Capital, offers you elegant rooms and suites, two pools and four restaurants. Would you like to travel to the Gulf of Aqaba you may choose the Intercontinental Hotel. For Example you can book a diving tour or enter a glass bottom boat for watching the under water life.

Discover Jordan we are your Travel guide to Jordan (https://www.sherazadetravel.com/)
The most famous place in Jordan is the rock city Petra. As one of the seven world wonders it es undoubtly Jordan´s biggest treasure. This special area was built earlier but from the first century BC on prospered the city as the capital of the Nabataean Arabs. Also name as “the Red Rose City”, were carved in the sand stones of a narrow valley buildings like temples, graves and other buildings. It grew and flourished through the trade with spices, myrrh, and frankincense. Later it was annexed by the Roman until an Earthquake destroyed large parts of the city in the fourth”s century AD. In the following centuries Petra deserted and was left by the most of its inhabitants. Only in 1812 rediscovered a Swiss explorer Petra and made the extraordinary archaological site known in the west.
For visiting everything in Petra you´ll need minimum five day, if you´d like to have an overall impression of the most interesting places, we would recommend to plan a tour of two or three day in the e nvironment of this unique monument.

The dead sea region
Jordans dead sea coast is located in the East of this salt lake on the lowest point in the world at 394.6 m below sea level. Because its water is too salinated, there is no marine inhabitation. To have a bath in – or better on – the dead sea water, is very healthy, for example at neurodermatitis, asthma or rheumatism, as well as using the shore mud for skin care. You can go to the dead sea for a day trip from Amman by taxi, rental car or public bus. Tourist signs lead you on a good road easily to your destination. If You like to have wellness holidays here for more than one day, we´ll find for you a nice hotel on your demands.

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