Why should you prefer B2B travel portals for your next corporate trip?

B2B corporate travel portals are online booking platforms to enable easy, quick and hassle-free online travel booking and travel management. By the term B2B, we simply mean, business to business transactions where different business platforms collaborate and cater to multiple kinds of reservations. It is an easy process where all the traveler has to do is to list out his needs and requirements for his upcoming trip and the rest is the job of the web portals. The different travel agencies and groups then collaborate directly with the hoteliers to take care of the reservations. It is an option to provide a quick reservation system by simply slouching in your sofas. B2B websites like Roomsxpert are simply an aggregator which delivers such services.

• Value for money: B2B travel portals provide some of the most wallet-friendly properties that would have to remain unrealized had it not been for such web portals. The price available to the consumers are often an inclusion of discounts, supplements, and compliments. This can be availed whenever the customer books through a B2B web port. Roomsxpert and many another web portal that allows an option of over one million hotels to choose from a very reasonable rates.

• Multiple tie-ups. B2B travel online booking engine for corporates and enterprises collaborate with many travel agencies and groups that enable not just for small businesses to grow but allow for multiple options and choices. Roomsxpert is one such B2B travel website that allows its users to book hotels across 85700 plus cities and more than two hundred countries. It therefore not just has an international market but also caters to a large variety and choices.

• No extra added amount at the end of the trip: Most of the price values displayed at the B2B web portal is inclusive of all the taxes. This assures the customers the exact amount they would be paying rather than waiting for the billing gateway to display the final price. This gives an added benefit to the B2B travel portals over the B2C bookings where the consumers might have to worry about the additional charges that may be incurred at the end of the booking system.

• A hassle-free approach to the hotelier: One of the many advantages of B2B hotel booking website is the fact that provides an easy and hassle-free approach to the hoteliers. Instead of maintaining a direct contact with the consumers which can not only be taxing but also time-consuming, B2B travel portals shares the burden of catering to the customers. This divided work provides for a glitch-free service and a happy trip for the consumers at all times.

• 24x7availability: When we are considering the value of B2B travel portals, we are not just assessing its value at all times and places but also considering the available services irrespective of festivities, government holidays and the like. It being online allows it to be available on all days of the year.