Real 360-degree customer view: This is how it works with Pandora from the ADSuisse AG!

The much-coveted 360-degree customer survey of your customers is often sketchy and incomplete. Close your gaps with the new service Pandora!
To be successful in today’s world, it is not enough to offer good products or services – you must tailor your offer exactly to your customers. However, you need to understand your customers well and have up-to-date data stored: interests, buying habits, social environment, current addresses, e-mails, hobbies etc. All this can be found out through the wide range of services offered by ADSuisse AG from Switzerland; Digitization now allows every company to obtain information in addition to the existing and sometimes out-of-date data that completes the customer profile. However, it is not enough to collect data: only those who are able to evaluate the customer data correctly – who can distinguish relevant data from non-relevant data, sort out incorrect and non-current data and connect related data with each other – can be creating real value. There, the new backend solution Pandora from ADSuisse AG can help to fill these gaps.
ADSuisse AG focuses on customer data discovery, data validation and cleaning.
CRM in the digital transformation: more data – but also more gaps
The key to a stable customer base has always been the active structuring of business relationships based on collected customer information, in short Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In the pre-digital age, the collected customer information consisted only of master data such as name, address, contract number and order history – these did not yield much in terms of design options. With the advent of club cards, the amount of available customer information has grown significantly: From now on, you also knew about things like preferred mode of payment, areas of interest and exclusive offer affinity.
Big data finally brought the breakthrough: Cloud-based CRM software today can deliver massive amounts of data that theoretically allow a complete view of each individual customer. Practically they do not do this (or very rarely), because where there is a lot of data, there are also potentially many data errors, here you can then use Pandora to close these gaps. However, a data lake where 30 percent of the data is not valid is basically useless – so the much-coveted 360-degree view of the customer is often a sheer illusion.
More data intelligence – with Pandora!
So, for a full 360-degree view of the customer, it needs good and up-to-date data quality. A customer overview that allows a loyal existing customer to be welcomed as a new customer! What do you need for that? A competent solution that can clean up data problems, fill in gaps in data, validate and re-explore the customer – and, moreover, recognize data relationships. To ensure good data quality, 5 steps are required:
Step 1: Data verification
Step 2: Data cleanup
Step 3: Data validation
Step 4: Making Data Connections
Step 5: Data Analysis (Data Discovery)
Factor safety and GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes corporate data protection to a whole new level. Because she wants to bring the history of data protection into a new light and transparency. ADSuisse AG attaches significant importance to the new guidelines and is already GDPR ready and compliant. With the Pandora Intelligent, privacy is a continuous improvement process. The technical and organizational measures we have taken for processing safety, are effective in practice. For data security, technologies have been integrated that protect personal data assets against attackers, unintentional loss or leaks. Our encryption techniques make a leak impossible.
With the service Pandora developed by ADSuisse AG, the validation, cleaning as a free offer through an API or manual data transfer is easily possible. Customer Discovery can fill your gaps in inventory data with AI solutions and manual data fine tuning. With Pandora, you get an up-to-date and complete overview of your customers and thus a big advantage in your sales strategy. Current customer data is your future, error-free addresses and e-mails allow you to specifically set up dunning claims. A complete social customer profile helps you track the interests and buying characteristics of your target audience and better present and sell your products. We offer 99% reliable and up-to-date data. For us, your customers are not data or register numbers, but real people with likes, relatives and hobbies!