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Miami Beach Advocate (Newslink7) is one of the leading online news web portals, which lets the people stay connected and updated with the current happenings. One can read the current news instantly anytime at their mobiles, personal computers, laptops and much more, provided with the internet connections. Nowadays, there is no need to wait a whole day to get the latest news. As the web portals are dynamic and get updated periodically several times in a day, you can get the information instantly. Reading the news online reduces the cost of buying the printed newspapers and magazines.

Features of an online news portal
As the information became a necessity in a day to day life, online news portal plays an important role. The features and the type of content of an online news portal make the readers to use the website more often. Some of the tempting features include

Customization of the homepage
The online news portal lets the users customize their homepage, so that one can read the news of their interested areas with simple clicks. The portal must have different sections separated according to the categories, content, topics and much more. The UI must provide the easy navigation between the sections. This helps the users to visit the news portal more often.

Current breaking news
A news portal should be updated with the current information. Instant news updates and the scrolling breaking news help the user to find the information quickly. Providing the up-to-date information attracts many visitors.

Sharelines are the small quotes with shareable links, which lets the user to share the information through the social networks.

Easy navigation
A portal with easy navigation attracts the visitor more than without them. This facility enables the user to scroll through the interested topics quickly, even when they are in a rush.

Colour and style effects
The colors and the style effects of the online web news portal must be appealing, as it determines the existence of a portal. It should be pleasant and soothing to the eyes, so that it facilitates the readability of the users.

About Miami Beach Advocate (Newslink7)
Miami Beach Advocate (Newslink7) is the popular and reliable online news portal, which provides instant updated information to the readers from all over the world. One can find the news related to politics, sports, entertainment, business, education, technology and much more. To get more information about Miami Beach Advocate, visit

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