State announces close to seven million in grants at Hudson ice cream shop

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State announces close to $7 million in grants at Hudson ice cream shop

Sec. Acosta announces workforce training grants at New City Microcreamery

HUDSON, MASS. April 2, 2018 – Massachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Rosalin Acosta announced the awarding of $6,896,286 in Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) Grants at Hudson-based New City Microcreamery today.

Together, New City Microcreamery ice cream shop and Less Than Greater Than speakeasy cocktail lounge received a $36,400 WTFP grant, which will be used to create 3 new jobs, as well as implement an open-book management program and train the company’s 18 employees, in conjunction with consulting group Rethink Restaurants.

The state selected New City Microcreamery as the site for the WTFP grants announcement due to the business’ dedication to revitalizing downtown Hudson and its innovative use of open-book management as a means to elevate the quality of jobs in the culinary industry.

While about half of all WTFP grants go to manufacturing companies and larger conglomerates, Sec. Acosta said that announcing the grant awards at the popular Hudson ice cream shop stresses the availability of these funds to smaller businesses.

“This is the heartbeat of America—a small business in a revitalized downtown,” said Sec. Acosta. “New City Microcreamery is exactly where we want to be. Ice cream is not unique, but how they’re producing it is. And the fact that they’re doing it here in Hudson, and they’ve put all their stakes here to make this work, I think it was the perfect place to come. We want to encourage more small businesses to apply for workforce training grants, so it’s not just the big businesses that are getting these funds. “

This is the second time the owners of New City Microcreamery and Less Than Greater Than have received a WTFP grant. The first time was in April 2nd, 2016, when their sister restaurant Rail Trail Flatbread Company in Hudson received a $75,060.00 grant in order to develop an open-book management training program for its 85 employees.

“The grant we received at the Rail Trail Flatbread Company gave us the courage to think outside the box and attempt to create an open-book management solution,” said New City Microcreamery, Less Than Greater Than and Rail Trail Flatbread Company partner Jason Kleinerman. “This has yielded a much more financially literate team and created avenues for growth from within. We’re excited and honored to be able to give the same opportunity to the team at New City Microcreamery and Less Than Greater Than.”

Joe Grafton, partner at Rethink Restaurants, says the WTFP grant will help the ice cream shop and speakeasy employees to better understand their value and importance to the businesses they are part of.

“Our work with the team at New City Microcreamery and Less Than Greater Than will continue to demonstrate that food service jobs can be great jobs” Grafton says. “The entire team will soon learn to think and act like owners and will play a vital role in the growth and development of these businesses and the local economy.”

After the announcement, Sec. Acosta toured New City Microcreamery and Less Than Greater Than, and tasted some of the thirty five house-made ice cream flavors.

“This is one of the most fun tours I’ve had since I started this job.” Sec. Acosta said.

A total of 68 companies received grants at today’s announcement in Hudson.