Be It Marketing Documents or Legal Documents – We Translate All!

Lingo to Lingo is a professional and certified translation firm that houses expert translation staffs with an experience in a variety of major languages around the world. We are a team of 2500 language translators who produce exceptional translated documents that are greatly appreciated by clients. We translate all types of documents from one language to another and do so in a limited time and at a cheap price.

Let us take a look at two of our services out of the many services that we offer:

1. Marketing Document Translation

Translating a marketing document requires linguistic skills and knowledge of the business for which the translation has to happen. Any errors that occur while translating a marketing document can have a serious impact on a business’ image. At Lingo to Lingo Translation, we have the right resources and skillset that makes translating marketing documents a breeze.

We can help you choose the right phrases that convey messages in a compelling manner without losing its originality while being translated into a targeted language. Let us know how you market your business or product in your country and we will help you do the same in other countries.

Our marketing document translation services cover marketing and advertising scripts, brochures, flyers, websites, logos, slogans, presentations, new product announcements, press releases, Ebooks and much more.

While translating these documents, our translators are aware of the purpose of the document and that is to invoke reader’s interest and increase sales.

2. Legal Translation Services

To translate a legal document such as contracts, confidentiality agreements, terms & conditions, licensing agreements, regulatory documents, patents, wills and deeds, legal tax documents, and etc., one requires precision, consistency, and a thorough understanding of the law.
Legal document translation is a highly specialized field.

To achieve perfection and convey the exact message of the source language, a legal document must only be translated by specialized legal document translator.

At Lingo to Lingo, we have specialized legal document translators who can help translate any type of legal document from one language to another.
If you are looking for marketing document translation services or legal translation services online, Lingo to Lingo Translation could be the answer to your search. We offer all types of document translation services. To visit our website click on the link or give a call at the telephone number 858-647-9881.