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Remarkable Cancer Care at Southlake Oncology

Dr. James Mackey explains how Southlake Oncology stands out as a remarkable cancer care center.


Southlake, TX – March 20, 2018 – If you have been diagnosed with cancer; breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer or any other malignancy, Southlake oncology will give you the compassion and respect you deserve. The team of professional oncologists in Southlake offers the best cancer treatment at their state of the art facilityto help restore your health.


“We have a large assortment of educational resources and information for our patients to read and review regarding cancer and treatment options,” says Dr. Mackey. “Our doctors also take time to discuss various cancer treatment options that are available for our patients to decide on what best suits their needs.”


Below are two reasons that make Southlake Oncology stand out:


• Leadership matters: The respect and compassion shown to patients as they undergo treatment starts with the leaders. Southlake oncology as a team is committed to be at the forefront of patient care. They focus on total patient comfort and care through working alongside the patients and their families. The center created individualized treatment plans that address both the personal needs and diagnosis of their patients. Approaching care from a personal relationship with the patient allows doctors to counsel them on a program that works best for their lifestyle. Patients trust them to provide the best care in difficult times.


• Whole patient approach to cancer care: The approach allows doctors to create a comprehensive treatment plan that cares for the diagnosis of the patient and the cancer stage to the overall health, lifestyle and support system. Therapy that is thorough, nutritional guidance, emotional support are all included in the comprehensive plan. All the patient’s needs combined with support from experts is what Southlake Oncology offers to its patients.


“We offer education and support to help our patients and their families cope with issues related to cancer,”says Dr. Mackey. “Contact us today for inquiries.”


About Southlake Oncology
Southlake Oncology, located in the Southlake and Grapevine area is a community-focused oncology practice that delivers exceptional care to North Texas cancer patients with a variety of cancer diagnoses and blood disorders. Like the other Choice Cancer Care facilities, we are an independent treatment center that is physician-owned.


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