“Night of Hope” By The Delhi-Gurgaon Food Bank

“Night of Hope”- 3rd Charity Gala Dinner, hosted by the Delhi-Gurgaon Food Bank, a non-profit initiative run by Responsenet, was held at The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon.

With the goal to raise funds and create network to provide daily meals to about 7000 vulnerable children in a sustainable manner. The 6th Food–A-Thon Campaign Culmination Ceremony gathered around 300 philanthropist’s featuring Institutional & Corporate Heads among noted public figures. The aim was to help transform the lives of the underprivileged for the better and create a hunger free, healthier and safer community.

Describing Delhi Gurgaon Food Banking Initiative, Dr. Dharmendra Singh Gangwar, Additional Secretary Ministry of Food Processing Industries said “India is a land of Vedas, and one such powerful Vedic mantra describes ‘Food Is God’ and yet another further elaborates that ‘Those Who Serve That Food Are Also God’.” He applauded Delhi FoodBank’s initiative to create a converging space for the government, the private sector, civil society and NGOs to channel their key capabilities towards a common mission: social and economic development through hunger relief management.

The evening included a reception, showcasing Food Bank milestones, dinner, live music and dancing. Awards were conferred to the head of companies such as Air Asthana, Brite Group, KFC Add Hope, among others for the efforts towards providing nutritional food and their interventions for the betterment of the vulnerable populations with a focus to fight hunger.

Mrs Angela Nar, Co-founder, The Responsenet Development Services thanked and acknowledged the collective efforts of all corporates & Individuals associated to this cause and further stated that “The food collected from companies, grocery stores and individuals is distributed to 18 feeding programs across 39 feeding centers at schools, orphanages, shelter homes and healthcare centers across Delhi NCR.”

Galvanising the support of over 119 companies & 70,000 individuals, Delhi NCR FoodBank serves over 15,000 meals every day across 10 cities in India, creating an impact to the lives of the beneficiaries in the area of health, education and livelihoods.

Mr Amit Modi, CEO, Bristol Hotels said “ I am honoured for the opportunity to confer awards to the head of different companies who are part of this noble cause, and take pride myself to have served my bit in this”

‘There’s enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” further added Dr Gangwar.

Fight Hunger Helpline Number is 8585 995 995.

About Responsenet

Responsenet Development Services established by Kuldip Nar, runs feeding programs across the country. In conjunction with KFC’s add HOPE, it is helping feed children across locations in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab & Jharkhand. It is a network of the abilities of thousands of organizations and individuals in a connected way for the benefits of the development sector universally. Responsenet provides effective, accurate, genuine and timely information on a 24×7 relief and rehabilitation mode for emergencies and ongoing response. Responsenet was started not only to empower the marginalized but also create a platform where many organizations can interact and solve the concerns by being a part of the development process. For more information visit:

About The Delhi-Gurgaon Food Bank

The Delhi Gurgaon Food Bank also known as Delhi-NCR Food Bank is a non-profit initiative run by Responsenet launched in 2012 with the objective of feeding the most vulnerable population in Delhi NCR and helps transform their lives and create a hunger free community. For more information visit: