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Experience a Risk-Free Weight Loss in Brooklyn, NY at Triborough GI

Triborough GI, a weight loss clinic in Brooklyn, New York City is providing obese residents of Brooklyn the chance for shedding weight and feeling full without resorting to the stomach stapling. ReShape, a completely reversible and non-surgical weight loss balloon system, is presently attracting numerous obese residents of Brooklyn who are not able to shed weight through a conventional diet.

In Brooklyn, where the popularity of obesity is a developing health concern leading to numerous other diseases, with the inclusion of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obstructive sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis, this exclusive weight loss therapy is gaining immense popularity.

The efficiency of ReShape weight loss program in Brooklyn for shedding extra weight, considered as a creative solution for people who suffer from obesity. Hence, at Triborough GI, the weight loss specialists are always available for this obesity treatment.

As numerous patients struggle a lot for getting in shape through traditional diet and exercise routines, Triborough GI has launched this ReShape non-surgical weight loss balloon system for helping fight the epidemic and this process is quite risk-free, unlike the weight loss surgeries. This process involves a gastric balloon that is inserted in 20 minutes to make people feel full quicker. This soft, silicone balloon is inserted down the throat of a patient, temporarily placed in his/her stomach, filled to the precise size with sterile saline water and finally taken out after 6 months. During these 6 months, patients follow the personalized plan given by the weight loss specialists for adopting new exercise and eating habits. People basically lose 10-15kgs, almost 10% of their body weight, within 6 months.

The gastric balloon weight loss system has been considered as the most developed, latest and safest medical procedure to help people shed weight without surgery. If you also want to experience a risk-free weight loss in Brooklyn, NY, contact Triborough GI following this link:

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