Path of Exile: Avoiding Late – Game Bosses Hurt

In Path of Exile, this is a combat sports background, “stick and move”. Stick and move is a fighting style where you stick the opponent with a quick jab or strike that distracts/unbalances them, then move around them to a better angle where you can hit them without being significantly hit back yourself.

This style is actually literally the case with the Slayer though, as Sunder with multistrike physically sticks your character in one position while you hit multiple times, then allowing you to move again one the attacking animation has stopped. We can actually take advantage of this though using a stick and move offensive technique in combination with leap – slam against bosses who we simply just can’t face – tank till their dead.

For players, the best way to look at this technique is put yourself in any room with a boss. Now put a compass face on the floor of the boss room, with the boss being dead in the middle of it and you being at “South”. The way sticking and moving works in this scenario is as such:

From the starting “South” position, instead of attacking, you leap-slam on the boss in the middle of the room, then leap – slam to the “East” position, where you turn back around and attack. As the boss begins to counter your strike with an attack of his own, you close the distance by leap slamming on him, then leap-slam out to the “West” point. You then turn and attack.

As the boss turns back around to you and starts his own counter attack, you then leap-slam on to him and then leap – slam up to the “North” position, where you turn around and attack again. You just keep doing this attack pattern until the boss is dead. The direction you chose to move towards after leap – slamming on the boss is up to you, so long as it’s never back to the position you were just in.

You can also apply the same technique, but instead of moving 90 and 180 degree angles from N/E/S/W, you do it all from the in – between angles of NE/SE/SW/NW.

What this technique effectively does in terms of your character is that it raises up your fortify and defensive buffs every time you leap slam on the boss, cursing them and making them weaker in the process, before moving out to a point where they aren’t facing yet, which gives you more time to then attack the boss before they notice you and begin their attack animation towards you.

This prevents you from being stuck in an attack animation sequence where you notice a massive in-coming hit coming at you, but can’t make your character move out of the way of it because their stuck completing the attack animation sequence.

It also has the added bonus that the area’s you jump to when doing this are more than likely the area’s where the boss – add’s (extra white-trash minions and mob’s that the bosses spawn to help them) will spawn, which means your leap-slamming on to other enemies, keeping up those buffs and triggering more life – leech in the process. For more guides, you can visit