Get Agricultural Loan in Kansas at Competitive Interest Rates

American Ag Finance is a financial institution that offers agricultural loans to farmers and ranchers at competitive interest rates. We have been providing financial support to farmers and ranchers for more than 35 years and we believe that strengthening our farmers and the agriculture industry would increase the industry’s economy and in turn contribute to the country’s economy.

As we all know that it is easier for a high-tech industry or a factory to get a loan while farmers in the agriculture industry are often rejected from being eligible for these loans. It is important to understand the role of farmers and ranchers in the growth of our country’s economy. Without our farmers, production of food in our country will dwindle. This is why American Ag Finance aims at helping the farmers and ranchers by being their financial support.

We offer a minimum loan amount that starts at $200,000 and there is no maximum limit to the loan amount that you can get. As a farmer, you must ensure that your credit score is at least 680 or better in order to be eligible for an agriculture or farm loan. Keeping your financial needs in mind, we have designed loan repayment programs that help you pay back the loan installments with ease. Most of our programs offer up to 25 years of amortization and no prepayment penalties.

We have been helping farmers and ranchers for more than 35 years to build and develop their farming business. Our mortgage experts understand how the loan process works and how to fulfill the necessary requirements for an easy loan sanction.

If you are looking for low-interest agricultural loans in Kansas, upload your loan information online with our secure form –uploading feature. American Ag Finance offers a password-protected and secure uploader which can be used to submit the necessary files. You can feel safe while uploading your personal information and not worry about your data being breached from our secured platform.

To learn about our different services, visit our website Alternatively, you can call us up on 913-549-3776 or fill up the Inquire Now form to be contacted regarding your loan needs.