“Watermark Stamper- New Application Launch”

Surat, India – 23rd March 3018, Greencom EbizzInfotech, a stunning relationship in the field of Information Technology has started late developed a dazzling Watermarking contraption with the least complex UI named Watermark Stamp: Add Copyright Logo, Text on Photo to make watermarking photographs viably.

Watermark Stamper is a quick and advantageous mechanical social occasion to watermark photos inside a little measure of seconds. The application watermarks photos in two particular ways:

Logo Watermarking
Logo with Text Watermarking

Key features of Logo Watermarking:

Adaptable Logo Size | Changeable Logo Alignment | Adjustable Transparency
Take a gander at features of Logo with Text Watermarking:
Add Text to Photo in two game plans ( Line 1 and Line 2)
Content Size is variable
Content Color is variable
Organized Text Style
4 organized substance position

“The administer illustration for making Watermark stamper is to make Logo Watermarking speedily open” – Said Suresh Kalathiya, CEO Ebizz Infotech

Getting a couple of data around unforeseen diagrams he remembered that,” we have diverse unmistakable applications concurred with a totally uncommon thought in setting of each Android customer central”