Procedure for Offshore Company Formation in Seychelles

For companies looking to maximise and make the most of legal tax breaks and other cost saving measures, offshore company formation is a step in the right direction. When done right, this strategy can make tax planning simpler and more effective while ensuring the safety of your business assets from third parties that may be interested in it, including creditors. Company formation offshore in countries like Seychelles does not just let you enjoy tax free incentives as in investor—it can also ensure that your assets cannot be seized in your home country.
You can choose to formally register a business or company in another country by personally going there yourself or through a representative. Procedures and requirements vary. Alternatively, you can hire an agency or consultant that provides company formation offshore services to handle the legwork. For a fee, these companies can help you set up a company and register a business in a foreign country that provides tax incentives and other benefits for investors. Note that personally registering a business in a foreign territory can be taxing and expensive, and would require a knowledge of government processes and local laws. It’s often more practical and prudent to hire an agency instead so you can avoid costly mistakes. Hiring an offshore company formation specialist takes the pain and trouble of setting up an offshore entity off your shoulders, so you can focus on other important business.
The procedure begins with a consultation between you (the client) and the registration service provider. During this meeting, you will discuss your needs so that they can craft a suitable solution. After this, all documentary preparations are done and all the paperwork necessary for processing a company registration is compiled and submitted to the local authorities. This may include articles of association, the registry of company directors, trust declarations, share registers, etc. The documents required to be registered are then forwarded to the relevant regulating body for processing and registration, along with the payment of accompanying fees needed and owed to the government of the country where the company will be registered. These fees and documentary requirements may vary from country to country. Once the documents and fees are forwarded, it takes a few working days in order to complete registration. In Seychelles, this usually takes around 2 days. Once registered, the new company can now freely do business legally and take advantage of the tax exemptions and benefits afforded for an offshore company.