Women’s Day 2018: Delhi’s red light area gets a green signal!

2 million sex workers in India, contribute to the most unwanted part of the society.Once a woman is engaged in such activities, she is not accepted back in society or family, resulting in them continuing with same under social pressure.Then they are blessed or say cursed with unwanted pregnancies which usually takes the shape of a family.Now, they are the ‘Mothers’, a detachable bond which is served by them by continuing the profession.

Unfortunately, there is no specific law to deal with the problems faced by a sex worker and their child. When 2 million people are working as a sex worker and every year more than 20,000 women and girls are forced to walk on this path.The law does not protect the rights of the sex worker but criminalizes the activities related to prostitution.

To ease out the harsh reality of life for these Sex workers, SPID(Society For Participatory Integrated Development), provides care, protection and education to the children of women in prostitution through SMS Center located at GB Road: red light area of Delhi.

It caters to children in the age group of 1-18 years by providing them facilities through the day and night care with Drop in 24×7 Open Shelter for children of G.B. road and surrounding red light area of Delhi. Children Centre is registered as SPID Open Shelter under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.

“We aim at sharing their responsibilities by giving them an utmost care and a good upbringing to the children of these sex workers, with the aim to promote sustainable living that offers a self-reliant and honorable life to women of this disadvantaged community.We try to engage them in the making of handmade products or clothing for them to earn their living.” says, Mr. Awadhesh Yadav, CEO, SPID.

About the Organisation

The organization aims to work for the livelihood promotion programmes. It focuses on the provision of the vocational training programs including Zari work, cutting and tailoring and beautician courses. With these skills, women can generate income for the betterment of themselves and earn respect from their families.The project is an endeavour to imbibe creativity and empowerment among the women to nurture the craft that reflects their culture and establish viable living conditions for many more such women.

Since 2009, SPID has been contributing to the lives of women living in the outlying areas of Delhi; organizing the training workshop in Zari embroidery for several women who create beautifully handcrafted products.SPID took it upon itself to inspire and integrate the women of the area through guidance in traditional embroidery that provides a secure income while participating in a healthy working environment. Young girls and women living in Savda, Ghera and nearby slum areas are actively taking part in the project.